Fall 10×10: Days 4+5

Hello! So here’s a quick little update on outfits 4+5. Outfit 4 was a total WIN! I loved everything about it! I’ve been on the fence about this pink everlane sweatshirt. I don’t like wide collars, I prefer a high neck, and this 10×10 has taught me that I have trouble styling boxy tops. I thought my new taupe scarf might help to break up the width of the top, and it worked like a charm! It was a grey and rainy first day of fall, but I was so warm and cozy all day!

10/10 for outfit 4!20190923_125743

Day 5 went pretty well too. This outfit didn’t spark joy or anything, but it was a good, solid ensemble for work. I’ve got a black crewneck sweatshirt on my fall shopping list, and I would prefer that to the layered tees. Again, I don’t love the wide neck on this everlane tee, especially with a long sleeve underneath. Taupe scarf to the rescue.

Outfit 5 gets a 7/10


See the original post with all 10 items here:


$15 fall mini thrift haul


Happy first day of Fall! I treated myself to a nice morning of thrifting on Friday, and hit up a couple small thrift stores by my house that I hadn’t been to in a while. I was so happy with what I picked up for $15! I managed to stay on track as far as these items being seasonally appropriate, within my fall color palette, and versatile. The biggest score of the day was the taupe scarf. I literally wrote “taupe scarf” on my fall shopping list a couple of weeks ago, and had started browsing amazon. I love it when that happens. And it was only $ .99! Happy thrifting!

Fall 10×10: Day 3

Happy Sunday evening! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend! Today was my Monday, so that means day 3 of my work edition 10×10 challenge! And it’s official… I’m over this skirt!


This leather skirt made it into this 10×10 after having survived many closet edits even though I’d barely worn it. I think it’s such a cool piece, but I hate wearing it! I just don’t think it looks good on me, and with all the baggy, oversized tops I wear, it’s hard to style. And what was I thinking with those socks!? 😂


This skirt is headed straight for my sell/donate pile, so I’ll be replacing it in this 10×10 with another item. Maybe a cute little creme utility skirt I got recently. I pulled out this ivory corduroy button down that I thrifted over the weekend for an extra layer, and oh my I LOVE IT. And I love the no rules approach of the 10×10.

Today’s outfit gets a 3/10.inCollage_20190922_181726941


Fall 10×10: Day 2

Hello lovelies! ❤ Yesterday was Day 2 of my fall 10×10 challenge! I’m on my weekend now, so since this is a work edition, I’m taking a break today and tomorrow which gives me time for a Day 2 outfit post!



I was much happier with this outfit than the first one. I was warm and comfortable all day, even in the heeled boots! I felt rugged but still put together, and I love that combo. The neutral color palette is a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m experimenting with wearing more tans and browns, and I’m really into it!



I’m absolutely in love with these levi’s since I raw hemmed them! That was one trend where I jumped on the bandwagon, and I don’t think I’m ever getting off! The irregular raw hem has become one of my personal style elements over the years. I’m also in love with the color of this tshirt, and my new flannel!


It’s not the most interesting or edgy outfit, but it was just edgy enough to feel like me, and I really liked this look. I think it will look just as great if I do paint the boots gold!
Day 2 outfit gets an 8/10!20190920_114206


My new favorite daytime makeup look


I love makeup! I love wearing it. I love buying it. I love playing around with it. But I’ve never really gotten into a daily rountine, so most of the time I just don’t wear any makeup at all. I really want to change that! So after cleaning out my makeup stash and only keeping a small collection of my favorites, I set out to perfect a minimal, daytime look. I thought I had it down, but after seeing some photos of my new look, I realized it was too dramatic. I looked like I had too much makeup on, and what I want to go for is a more neutral, no makeup eyeshadow look. I don’t wear foundation, so it is more about getting my eyeshadow down. I found this video tutorial from Youtuber Jessica Clements https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wqS9QwOIH3s, followed along, and the eye makeup is exactly what I was going for! Seeing how she applied her outer crease shadow was a revelation for me!


I decided to make a quick refrence info graphic with the products I used, and thought I’d share! The larger palette I used is a Makeup Revolution Reloaded palette – iconic division. I’m really trying to get more use out of the things I have instead of just buying more things, so I’ve been creating lots of looks with this palette. To keep this look pretty minimal, I only used matte eyeshadows. I added the orange shadow on my bottom lash line because orange really makes my blue eyes pop. It’s a very muted orange, so it’s not very noticeable, but it definitely did the trick. The only thing I’ll do differently next time is not line my bottom lashes with eyeliner. If you give this look a try, tell me what you think!


Fall 10×10: Day 1


Today was Day 1 of my fall 10×10 challenge, and while I didn’t love today’s outfit, I’m really happy  that I stuck to my plan and started today, and I’m excited about the outfit I have planned for tomorrow. Here is my original post with all of the items I’ve chosen for this challenge. https://rebelchicwestern.wordpress.com/2019/09/19/my-first-10×10-challenge/
I usually work evenings, but I had to be to work extra early this morning for a meeting. I had jotted down a few outfit combos, but I hadn’t tried anything on, or picked an outfit for today. Since this 10×10 is pretty basic, I figured I could just grab whatever and it would work. Lesson learned! 🙂 While I love all of these items seperately, I just wasn’t feeling this outfit. It’s not bad, it just felt kind of boxy. Each item is boxy and stuctured and I think it was just too much. It did get a thumbs up from a friend.😊


Normally when I wear an outfit I’m not happy with, it’s because it just doesn’t feel like me. I’m coming to the realization that I need to have an edgy element in my ensembles to feel like they represent me. That was not a problem with today’s outfit. It felt like my style. I just didn’t like the silhouette. I’m also not sure I will be keeping this leather skirt. It has survived numerous closet cleanouts because I just love it, but I’m not sure it’s flattering on my shape. That’s why I chose it for this 10×10. To force myself to style it and wear it a few times, and then reaccess whether it will stay or go.


I’ve got a decent collection of nice leather shoes, and I want to figure out which ones can work for work. I mostly wear saucony jazz at work, so I can’t justify having so many pairs of non work shoes, and I intend to let go of a few pairs. This style of boot just feels essential to me though, and I’m thinking about painting these babies gold with leather paint! What do you think? Should I paint these boots gold and post? I’m going to give today’s outfit a 4/10.


On a brighter note…
I’m in love with my new gold highlighter from coco kind! It’s got very minimal + clean ingredients, it’s pretty pigmented, and the stick container is soooo convenient! It’s also infused with reishi mushroom! I can’t wait to get the other two shades: bronze + rose gold.


Over and out.😋

My first 10×10 challenge!


I’ve wanted to do a 10×10 challenge for a while now, and I’m thrilled to say that I’ve got Day 1 under my belt! The 10×10 is a wardrobe challenge in which you choose ten items to create 10 outfits with, to wear for 10 days. It was created by Lee of stylebee https://www.stylebee.ca/10-x-10-challenge/ and is cohosted by Caroline of unfancy http://www.un-fancy.com/ seasonally. I’ve never caught one of these challenges while they are actually happening, but after yet another huge closet purge, I decided it was time to get to it! After this last closet cleanout, I still have a lot more clothing than I feel that I need or use. So that brings me to my reasons for doing this 10×10:

~I’ve decided that my first 10×10 will be a work edition, and will span 10 work days (or 2 work weeks). After my most recent closet cleanout, I realized that my ratio of work to non-work clothes was way off! I work outside of my home 5 days a week. I’m on my feet all day, moving around, and I’m more often than not really cold at work. Even when it’s a hot, summer day outside! I’m hoping that after this 10×10, I have a better sense of the types of items I need and love to wear at work, and get some practice layering.


~I love to thrift, and often find cool, good quality pieces. I have a lot of items that have survived multiple closet cleanouts, and still never see the light of day. I have a feeling that it will be much easier for me to let go of some of these items if I actually wear them multiple times, and find that I don’t love them.

~You wouldn’t know it by this first 10×10, as it’s pretty basic and neutral, but my style can get pretty bold and interesting. I love wearing many different style types, and I find that they either conflict and don’t work, or I end up wearing an outfit that is pretty much one style type, and I feel boxed into an aesthetic, which just doesn’t feel like me. I’m hoping that these 10×10 challenges will help me to really hone in on the specific elements of different style types that I love, so that I can more effortlessly represent all the fashions I adore. And on the flipside, learn what elements I don’t love about each style type. Basically, I want my varied taste to be more cohesive as a whole, while still being very eclectic. This especially pertains to my work wardrobe as I am already limited somewhat by certain types of clothing and footwear.

~I am excited about this 10×10 because of the outfit building practice I will get, and because I want to make my closet work harder, actually wear the great pieces I already have, and buy less.


My items:

I’ve altered stylebee’s begginer formula slightly by replacing the dress with an extra top and adding 1 extra item:

5 tops
3 bottoms
2 shoes
1 outer layer (extra item)

Faded black box cut pocket tee from everlane
Beige oversized tshirt – thrifted
Burnt sienna long sleeve tee I cropped – from walmart
Light pink french terry crewneck sweatshirt – everlane
Neutral flannel – walmart

Light wash pair of vintage levis w/irregular hem – thrifted
Black pair of high waist skinnies w/irregular hem- Nudie Jeans hightop tilde
Black leather high waist midi skirt with pockets! – thrifted

Brown heeled boots – thrifted
Black ankle boots – Franco Sarto “vegas boot” used from poshmark

And my extra item is a light wash denim Levi’s vest with patches + pins! I need an extra layer because I get soooo chilly at work!

So there you have it! I’m excited for this challenge and will be posting all 10 days outfits and final thoughts. Thank you for reading and feel free to say hi in the comments! I’d love to check out your wardrobes and outfits!