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Fall 10×10: Days 4+5

Hello! So here’s a quick little update on outfits 4+5. Outfit 4 was a total WIN! I loved everything about it! I’ve been on the fence about this pink everlane sweatshirt. I don’t like wide collars, I prefer a high neck, and this 10×10 has taught me that I have trouble styling boxy tops. I thought my new taupe scarf might help to break up the width of the top, and it worked like a charm! It was a grey and rainy first day of fall, but I was so warm and cozy all day!

10/10 for outfit 4!20190923_125743

Day 5 went pretty well too. This outfit didn’t spark joy or anything, but it was a good, solid ensemble for work. I’ve got a black crewneck sweatshirt on my fall shopping list, and I would prefer that to the layered tees. Again, I don’t love the wide neck on this everlane tee, especially with a long sleeve underneath. Taupe scarf to the rescue.

Outfit 5 gets a 7/10


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$15 fall mini thrift haul


Happy first day of Fall! I treated myself to a nice morning of thrifting on Friday, and hit up a couple small thrift stores by my house that I hadn’t been to in a while. I was so happy with what I picked up for $15! I managed to stay on track as far as these items being seasonally appropriate, within my fall color palette, and versatile. The biggest score of the day was the taupe scarf. I literally wrote “taupe scarf” on my fall shopping list a couple of weeks ago, and had started browsing amazon. I love it when that happens. And it was only $ .99! Happy thrifting!